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SUBMITTER’S COMMENT: Are these healthy lobes? She says they are, should my lobes look like that cuz im worried that they dont now.



No, those are not healthy lobes. They’re pretty…

i want to know why someone thinks iv said this lobe is healthy? its not,you know,beens as half of it was ripped off on a fucking roller coster,haha the comments,all im going to say is at least i dont look like a lesbian who goes out with a child.”

Welp, i’m not ashamed to look like a lesbian considering being a lesbian is nothing to be ashamed of, however I would be ashamed if I looked like I was standing too close to a hot topic jewelry case when it exploded. 

Everyone should see this and comment, show her up for the stupid homophobic bitch she is.



Dude that’s me haha. Oh shit, famous over here.

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